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Electric Vehicles


ATLAS Z6, an SUV Electric Vehicle with the following dimensions: 4811 x 1935 x 1656 is a five-seat, four-wheel, and five-door electric vehicle. ATLAS Z6 has several advantages over its competitors in the same segment, in terms of design, weight, functionality, and utility.

ATLAS Z6 is the 1st model in the company's product portfolio, and it benefits from an advanced industrial process, which allows the minimization of cost, based on the use of a 10000W driving wheel instead of an electric motor. As a result, several mechanical parts would be given up, and production is based on two main stages, the chassis part, and the body part. ATLAS luxury SUV model would be extraordinarily competitive in terms of price as well as its attractive design, comfort, and aerodynamics.

Electric Vehicles; ATLAS Z6


ATLAS A1 is a quadricycle model which is highly affordable and meets the standards of smart mobility, this concept is perfect within cities with high traffic jams and increasing level of Air Pollution , the model has 4 Wheels & two seats with an integrated Electric generator of 4 KwH that offers a range of 90Km/H with 1500 km drive per once charge at least.
This concept is highly affordable in terms of price while it provides the customers with a convenient driving experience involving high comfort & efficient aerodynamics as well a pleasant interior & exterior design.