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ATLAS For Technology & Industry

Is a start-up based in Morocco and the UK specializing in Electric Vehicles Technology and Industry. Our company comprises a wide range of activities from clean energy R&D to electric vehicles technology development and manufacturing.

ATLAS For Technology & Industry is revolutionizing the global EVs market through its cutting-edge Electric Generator technology that aims to achieve energy efficiency and make electric vehicles more affordable. We are building fully domestically produced electric vehicles at a lower cost for the global market at a specially selected site of 100.000 m2 in Casablanca in Morocco next to OCP Group with a total target investment of £100 Million creating more than 1000 job opportunities in the wider automotive value chain. Construction work is set to launch in summer 2021 and the production of ATLAS’s first “Electric Vehicle” is planned to start at the end of 2022.

ATLAS For Technology & Industry is setting the UK as its leading hub for R&D in the areas of engineering and vehicle design as well as global business development through partnering up with leading academic and technical institutes across England and Wales. We are working with leading strategic partners and suppliers in the UK and Morocco to improve the automotive industry infrastructure for EVs. ATLAS believes that Morocco and the UK represent a strong partnership for developing the global automotive industry in regard to their deep expertise in R&D, manufacturing capabilities, and automotive sector policies.

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